Your Benefit


The users of the ROLE Software can be learners (i.e. students, lifelong learners, workplace learners), teachers, institutions (e.g. Universities) and enterprises that want to enhance eLearning in the learning process of their employees. As a user you are welcome to gain experience with the ROLE software in real educational settings.

  • Get actual information, such as project deliverables and white papers earlier
  • Try and use ROLE software to make your learning and teaching more efficient
  • Use ROLE demo-platforms to mash up you own PLE
  • Leave comments on the ROLE demo-platforms
  • Get latest software updates
  • Stay up-to-date with the ROLE Newsletter

Software Developer

  • Develop and provide own tools, services and resources within ROLE framework
  • Distribute your software through the ROLE Widget Store
  • Get author rights on the Showcase Platform
  • Use ROLE SDK, source codes and developer documentation
  • Participate on developer workshops (Developer Camps)
  • Participate on developer competitions (Widget Enchantments)
  • Get direct contact to and support from the ROLE Partners


  • Expand research field in following directions:
    • individual composition of accessible learning services
    • tools and resources
    • psycho-pedagogically sound framework
    • new engineering methodologies
    • new evaluation methodologies
  • Participate in extension of communities and markets
  • Use ROLE results and scientific publications
  • Get early access to project documentation
  • Benefit from research cooperation


To get more information on best practices, learning scenarios and development of the ROLE Software, see our presentations on SlideShare, videos on YouTube and PLE demonstrators and User Reports on the Showcase Platform.

You are cordially invited to sign up for the Alliance Program at the registration page.

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