Presentations at conferences and specific events:

December 2012

Presentation -2012 Germany-Korea Workshop and Networking Event, Germany (FIT)

November 2012

Presentation -Today’s Top “RESTful” Services and Why They Are Not RESTful, Cyprus (RWTH)
Workshop – International Workshop Cloud Education Environments, Guatemala (OU UK, FIT)
Presentation – Cloud Services within a ROLE-enabled Personal Learning Environment, Guatemala (OU UK, FIT)
Presentation – Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Personalised Learning Envrionments (presentation), Guatemala (ZSI, TU Graz)
Presentation – Personal Learning Environments and Embedded Contextual Spaces as Aggregator of Cloud Resources, Guatemala (EPFL)
Presentation – weSPOT: A Cloud-based Approach for Personal and Social Inquiry, Guatemala (OU UK)

October 2012

Presentation and training – how to use Graasp as a PLE at ENSR French training program , Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL)
Presentation – Magnifico: A Platform For Expert Mining Using Metadata (EPFL)
Presentation at LINQ 2012 – ROLE Learning Ontology, Belgium  (UNIKOLD)
Roundtable at the e-learn 2012 – Build your Responsive Open Learning Environment (OUUK)
Presentation at the e-learn 2012- Responsive Open Learning Environments at the Open University (OUUK)
Presentation at the Summer School Thai Teachers (EPFL)

September 2012

Presentation – From Findability to Awareness: Metadata in Music and Technology Enhanced Learning, Belgium (KU Leuven)
Presentation - From LMS to PLE: a Step Forward through OpenSocial Apps in Moodle, Romania (EPFL)
Webinar – Enabling the agile construction of personal learning environments: an introduction to Graasp (EPFL)

August 2012

Presentation – Quantified self, Leuven, Belgium (KU Leuven)

July 2012

Workshop at PLE Conference – SDK Workshop, Portugal (FIT)
Workshop at PLE Conference -Build your Responsive Open Learning Environment, Portugal (OUUK, IMC, ZSI, EPFL)
Presentation at ICALT 2012 - Supporting Self-Regulated Learning in Personal Learning Environments (Presentation), Italy (RWTH)
Presentation at ICALT 2012 -Recommending Learning Activities as Strategy for enabling Self-regulated Learning, Italy (UNI-KOLD)
Presentation at ICALT 2012 - A Survey into the Teacher’s Perception of Self-Regulated Learning (Presentation), Italy (OUUK, ULEIC)

June 2012

Presentation at Wikipedia Academy Conference, Berlin- How Students Judge the Excellence of Wikipedia Articles, Germany (ZSI)
Presentation at OER Congress, Paris (OUUK)
Presentation – Erstellen von Persönlichen Lernumgebungen mit ROLE, Koblenz, Germany (UNI-KOLD)

May 2012

Workshop at JTEL – Build your PLE workshop & SRL Workshop, Portugal (OUUK, TUG, RWTH)
Presentation – Learning Dashboard and Learnscapes, Austin (KU Leuven)
Presentation – The student activity meter at the CHI conference, Austin (KU Leuven)
Workshop -  Designing Your Educational Web Apps, Portugal (EPFL)

April 2012

Presentation – Research 2.0Learning Analytics Tracking Learning, Hameenlina, Finnland (KU Leuven)
Workshop – Personalisierte Lernumgebungen: Unterstützung von selbstreguliertem Lernen, Vienna, Austria (TU Graz, ZSI)
Presentation- presentation of Graasp at eduhub days, Switzerland (EPFL)

March 2012

Presentation- Learning Analytics in Mobile Learning, Brussels, Belgium (KU Leuevn)
Workshop – Build A Widget Day (+ recording available at, UK (BILD, OUUK)

February 2012

Presentation- Privacy and ethics in learning analytics (K.U.Leuven)

January 2012

Presentation – Connected, open and always on…, Agfa (Mortsel) (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Using the ROLE SDK4 in the lecture at UNIKOLD, Koblenz, Germany (UNI KO-LD)
Presentation – Workshop at ZFUW, Koblenz, Germany (UNI KO-LD)
Presentation – Introduction to Responsive Open Learning Environments , Milton Keynes, UK (UKOU)

December 2011

Presentation – ROLE Learning Environment, Bad Waltersdorf, Austria (TUG)
Presentation – Advancing Self-Regulation in Workplace Learning and Continuing Education, Berlin, Germany  (FIT)

November 2011

Presentation – Presentation at SITIS conference (UKOU)
Presentation – BILD webinar on the ROLE SDK & widget enchantment competition

October 2011

Presentation – Learning with Open Eyes: The Role of Learning Analytics, EDEN Open Classroom Conference, Athens, Greece (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Open Learning in de Praktijk, Brussels (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Google. Facebook. Twitter… En het onderwijs?, Kortrijk (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Finding and using widgets for self-regulated learning, PTF Conference, Stuttgart (IMC)
Presentation – Learning World South Africa, in Cape Town on Tuesday, South Africa or Workshop    BILD
Presentation – Glyn Owen speaking at PTF Stuttgart, Germany (BILD)
Presentation – Talent Management and Self-Reflected Learning, Stuttgart, Germany (FIT)
Presentation – Support for Presentation – Self-directed Learning at the Workplace – The Case of Responsive Open Learning Environments, Stuttgart, Germany (FIT)
Presentation – Individualizing Learning Support for Company-driven Education, Germany (UIL)
Presentation – Open Onderwijs, Leuven  (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Presentation of ROLE test-beds at the University of Geneva, Geneva (UKOU)

September 2011

Presentation – Presentation of paper “Usage Pattern Recognition in Student Activities” at EC-TEL 2011, Palermo, Italy (FIT)
Presentation – Towards Responsive Open Learning Environments: the ROLE Interoperability Framework, Palermo, Sicily (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – ROLE and Vienna Test Bed presentation, European-Japanese Symposium on TEL and Knowledge Management  in Graz, Austria (ZSI)
Presentation – ROLE Showcase Platform“ A Virtual Showroom for Educational Software”, iKnow Conference, Graz (ZSI,IMC)
Presentation – Personalization Approachesin Learning Environments, Girona, Spain (RWTH,TUG)

July 2011

Presentation – ROLE workshop with SCORE project, UK (UKOU)
Presentation – ROLE presentation at FET Flagships event, Vienna, Austria (ZSI)
Presentation – Identifying Requirements for a Psycho-Pedagogical Mash-up Design for Personalising the Learning Environment, Girona, Spain (TUG)
Presentation – Theory and Practice of PLEs: A Prototype Evaluation, PLE Conference Southampton (ZSI)
Presentation – May I suggest? Three PLE recommender strategies in comparison, Southampton, UK (WU)
Presentation – Three Flavors of PLEs, Southampton, UK (WU)
Presentation – A framework for the adoption and diffusion of Personal Learning Environments in commercial organisations: An Exploratory Study in the learning and development sector in the UK, PLE Conference Southampton (BILD,UKOU,ULEIC)
Presentation – Personalised and Peer-Supported Learning: The Peer-to-Peer Learning Environment (P2PLE), PLE Conference Southampton (UKOU)
Presentation – Concluding discussion, PLE conference: U2X-4-PLE workshop, PLE Conference Southampton (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – 4-PLE Workshop at PLE conference, PLE Conference Southampton (FIT,ULEIC,K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – International Workshop on Self-Regulated Learningin Responsive Open Learning Environments, Athens, Georgia, US (RWTH,TUG)
Presentation – Learning Analytics for Communities of Lifelong Learners: a Forum Case, Athens, Georgia, US (RWTH)
Presentation – How can Psychology inform the Design of Learning Experiences?,  Athens, Georgia, US (RWTH)
Presentation – Supporting Self-Regulated Learning within a Personal Learning Environment: The OpenLearn case study (UKOU)
Presentation – On the importance of being open, Hong Kong (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation – Identification of Learning Goals in Forum-based Communities, Athens, Georgia, US (RWTH)

June 2011

Presentation –Leren in overvloed en het belang van “open”, Gent, Belgium (K.U.Leuven)
Presentation –The Application of Bayesian Belief Networks, Bled, Slovenia (WU)
Presentation – NHS Regional eLearning Club,  North Leeds, Yorkshire, England (BILD)
Presentation – ROLE workshop at JTEL Summer School, Chania, Greece (UKOU)
Presentation – Social Requirements Engineering for Responsive Open (Personal) Learning Environments,  Chania, Greece (RWTH,EPFL)

May 2011

Presentation – Bringing Educators and Developers together, Crete (RWTH, EPFL)
Presentation – Joint Workshop on Open Educational Resources and Intellectual Property Rights, Mosco, Russia (UKOU)
Presentation –Workshop on testing ROLE widgets and describing them in Wikipedia, University of Vienna (ZSI)
Presentation –Cluj Enable Project Presentation, Cluj, Romania (BILD)

April 2011

Presentation – Trends in ICT: software (KU Leuven)
Presentation – Research and Deployment of Analytics in Learning Settings, Canada (KU Leuven)

March 2011

Presentation –On reconstructing and analyzing personal learning environments of scientific artifacts, France, WU
Presentation –Contextual Factors in the Adoption of Social Software: a Case Study, French Alps (EPFL)
Presentation –Dataset-driven research to improve TEL recommender systems, Banff, Canada (KU Leuven)
Presentation –Widget Bash – Developing and using web apps, widgets and gadgets, UK (UKOU)
Presentation –A federated search and social recommendation widget, China (KU Leuven)
Presentation –eLearning Expo, Paris (BILD)
Presentation –Open resources? Open learning!, Leuven, Belgium (KU Leuven)
Presentation – International Workshop on Self-Regulated Learningin Responsive Open Learning Environmentsat ICALT 2011 , USA (UNIKOLD)
Presentation –Katja Niemann, Hans-Christian Schmitz, Maren Scheffel, Martin Wolpers: Usage Contexts for Object Similarity: Exploratory Investigations, LAK 2011 (FIT)

February 2011

Presentation – Attention please!, Banff, Canada (KU Leuven)
Presentation – Hans-Christian Schmitz, Katja Niemann, Martin Wolpers: Korrelation von   Dokumenteninhalten und Nutzungskontexten, Germany (FIT)
Presentation – Next innovation: learning from our students Tokyo, Japan (KU Leuven)
Presentation – The Snowflake Effect, Tildonk, Belgium (KU Leuven)

January 2011

Presentation – 2011-01-17: PI Interoperability of Registries”, 44th CEN WS/LT meeting, 17 January 2011, Brussels. (KUL, Klerkx, Joris; Massart, David; Rehak, Dan; Paulsson, Fredrik)
Presentation – 2011-01-17: Information Model for Capturing information for Perceived Quality and Reusability of Learning Objects. (Unfunded) CEN WS-LT Working Group. Brussels. (KUL, Joris Klerkx)

December 2010

Presentation (conference) – 2010-12-10: Visualizing Activities for Self-reflection and Awareness. The 9th International Conference on Web-based Learning, ICWL 2010, 10 December 2010. (KUL: Sten Govaerts, Katrien Verbert, Joris Klerkx, Erik Duval)

Presentation (workshop) – 2010-12-02: From LMS to PLE: The OpenLearn case study. Next Generation PLEs workshop held at the Online Educa 2010 conference, Berlin, Germany. (OU, Alexander Mikroyannidis)

Presentation 2010-12-02: Next Generation Personal Learning Environments. Online Educa 2010 – Berlin DE (BILD, Sarah Wills, Karen Velasco, Jack Wills)

November 2010

Presentation – 2010-11-25: “Open learning…”, Apple event. 25 November 2010 (KUL: Duval, Erik)

Presentation – 2010-11-23: “Kennis delen… en nu echt”, Saxion Hogeschool, Deventer, 23 November 2010. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

Presentation (poster session) – 2010-11-04: User-driven Design of Personal and Pervasive Learning Environments through Mash-ups – USAB 2010 symposium, Klagenfurt. (WU, Felix Mödritscher)

Presentation – 2010-11-03: “Open Learning Removing Friction”, OpenEd 2010, Barcelona, 3 November 2010. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

October 2010

Presentation – 2010-10-15:  “The Snowflake Effect”, Blankenberge, 15 October 2010. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

Presentation (conference) – 2010: How to Share and Reuse Learning Resources: the ARIADNE Experience. Europeana, Den Haag, (KUL: Klerkx, Joris; Vandeputte, Bram; Parra, Gonzalo; Santos, José Luis; Van Assche, Frans; Verbert, Katrien; Govaerts, Sten; Corthaut, Nik and Duval, Erik)

Presentation (conference) – 2010: Klerkx, Joris, “Harvesting Metadata”, webinar,

September 2010

Presenation (conference) – 2010-09-30: Present and future of the open source in corporate settings. EC-TEL 2010 – Barcelona, Spain. (Festo, Manuel Schmidt)

Presentation (conference) – 2010-09-30: Business Requirements for Personal Learning Environments. PTF 2010 – Stuttgart, Germany. (Festo, Manuel Schmidt); see recorded presentation at:

Presentation – 2010-09-30: Towards a Recommender Strategy for Personal Learning Environments – RecSysTEL 2010 workshop, EC-TEL and ACM RecSys, Barcelona. (WU, Felix Mödritscher)

Presentation – 2010-09-29: Keynote Integrieren und Differenzieren – Wie wir unsere Lernumgebungen gestalten werden. Expertentagung E-learning in der Schule und der Lehrerbildung, Schleswig-Holsteinischer Landtag, Kiel. (Hans-Christian Schmitz, FHG/FIT)

Presentation – 2010-09-29: Client-sided vs. server-sided MUPPLEs: Can add-ons beat platform-based solutions? – MUPPLE 2010 workshop, EC-TEL, Barcelona. (WU, Felix Mödritscher)

Presentation (conference) – 2010-09-28: How to Share and Reuse Learning Resources: the ARIADNE Experience. EC-TEL 2010, Barcelona, Spain, (KUL: Klerkx, Joris; Vandeputte, Bram; Parra, Bram; Santos, José Luis; Van Assche, Frans and Duval, Erik)

Presentation (conference) – 2010-09-28: Information Model for Capturing information for Perceived Quality and Reusability of Learning Objects. (Unfunded) CEN WS-LT Working Group, EC-TEL 2010, 28 September 2010, Barcelona, Spain. (KUL, Joris Klerkx)

Presentation – 2010-09-28: Motivating Collaborative Learning Activities by Using Existing Web 2.0 Tools. Presentation at Motivational and Affective Aspects of Technology Enhanced Learning and Web 2.0 (MATEL 2010), Workshop at EC-TEL 2010, Barcelona, Spain. (Sylvana Kroop, ZSI and Alexander Nussbaumer, TU Graz and Karin Fruhmann, Uni Graz)

Presentation – 2010-09-27: Personal Learning Environments: What does the future hold? World of Learning 2010 – Birmingham – UK (BILD, Sarah Wills, Karen Velasco, Jack Wills)

Presentation – 2010-09-25: Wikipedia – The critical point or view. Netzwerktreffen für Wikipedia-ForscherInnen. And round table discussion. Wikipediaforschungskonferenz . 24.-26. September 2010 – Leipzig

Presentation – 2010-09-22: Bildungsstrategie à la Obama – Was wir von den USA lernen können.  Location: Personal Austria, Wien Keywords: German, Learning strategy, education, USA, Web 2.0, Learning and development, HR (IMC, Volker Zimmermann)

Presentation – 2010-09-16: A Navigation Tool for Adaptive Guidance and Orientation in Open Responsive Learning Environments. Presentation at the International Conference on Interactive Computer-aided Learning (ICL 2010), 15-17 September 2010 in Hasselt, Belgium. (Alexander Nussbaumer, Karin Fruhmann & Dietrich Albert)

Presentation – 2010-09-10: Making learning personal – enhancing technology to meet the needs of 21st Century learners. BILD Connect Event & AGM – Bristol, UK

Presentation – 2010-09-01: Utilising Pattern Repositories for Capturing and Sharing PLE Practices in Networked Communities – I-Know 2010 Conference, Graz. (WU, Felix Mödritscher)

presentation (conference) – 2010-09-17: An Attempt to Close the Gap: Recommending Learning Activities in PLE. ICL 2010 – Hasselt, Belgium. (FIT, Uwe Kirschenmann)

presentation (conference) – 2010-09-30: Demands of Modern PLEs and the ROLE Approach. EC-TEL 2010 – Barcelona, Spain. (FIT, Uwe Kirschenmann)

presenation (conference) – 2010-09-30: A Framework for the Domain-Independent Collection of Attention Metadata. EC-TEL 2010 – Barcelona, Spain. (FIT, Maren Scheffel)

presenation (conference) – 2010-09-08: The Snowflake Effect in learning and research. KONVENS2010: 10. Konferenz zur Verarbeitung Natürlicher Sprache Elearning workshop, Saarbrucken, 8 September 2010, keynote. (KUL, Erik Duval)

presenation (conference) – 2010-09-01: Integriertes Lern- und Talent Management. I-Know Conference 2010, Graz (IMC, Volker Zimmermann)

August 2010

Presentation – 2010-08-25: Activity-Based PLE Recommendations – ROLE – Developer Camp 2010. Lausanne. (WU, Felix Mödritscher)

Presentation – 2010-08-23: Pedagogical Recommendation Strategy. Presentation at the ROLE Developer Camp. Lausanne, Switzerland, 23.August  2010. (Alexander Nussbaumer, TU Graz)

Presentation – 2010-08-23: Introduction on Learner Model. Presentation at the ROLE Developer Camp. Lausanne, Switzerland, 23 August 2010. (Alexander Nussbaumer, TU Graz)

Presentation – 2010-08-17: A Meta-Design Approach for Collaborative Process Modeling – ODS 2010 workshop, Aarhus. (WU, Selim Erol)

July 2010

Presentation – 2010-07-08: The ROLE Psycho-Pedagogical Approach. Presentation at Personal Learning Environments Conference (PLE 2010), Barcelona, Spain, 7-9 July 2010. (Alexander Nussbaumer & Dietrich Albert, TU Graz)

Presentation – 2010-07-08: Context-specific ROLE visions: Formal higher education, workplace learning, Lifelong learning. Presentation at Personal Learning Environments Conference (PLE 2010), Barcelona, Spain, 7-9 July 2010. (Sylvana Kroop, ZSI)

Presentation – 2010-07-09: Personal learning environments: concept or technology? at Personal Learning Environments Conference (PLE 2010), Barcelona, Spain, 7-9 July 2010. (Sebastian Fiedler, ZSI)

Presentation – 2010-07-01: A Psycho-Pedagogical Framework for Self-Regulated Learning in a Responsive Open Learning Environment. Presentation at the International Conference eLearning Baltics Science (eLBa Science 2010), 1-2 July 2010, Rostock, Germany. (Karin Fruhmann, Alexander Nussbaumer & Dietrich Albert, TU Graz)

presentation (conference) – 2010-07-06: Analyzing Contextualized Attention Metadata with Rough Set Methodologies to Support Self-regulated Learning. ICALT 2010 – Sousse, Tunisia. (FIT, Maren Scheffel)

June 2010

Presentation (conference) – 2010-06-30: How to describe multiple versions of the same? EdMedia2010: World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications, Toronto, Canada, 29 June-3 July 2010, pages 1018-1027, AACE (KUL: Van Assche, Frans; Klerkx, Joris; Duval, Erik)

Presentation – 2010-06-21: ARIADNE Liaison. 42nd meeting of CEN/ISSS/WS-LT, June 21st, 2010, Warsaw. (KUL: Klerkx, Joris)

Presentation – 2010-06-21: PT Interoperability of Registries. 42nd meeting of CEN/ISSS/WS-LT, June 21st, 2010, Warsaw. (KUL: Klerkx, Joris)

Presentation – 2010-06-03: “learning is life is learning is life is learning is life is learning is life is learning…”, 140conf, 3 June 2010, Brussels. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

April 2010

presentation (conference) – 2010-04-09: Analysing Contextualized Attention Metadata for Self-regulated Learning – A Supporting Framework for Self-Monitoring and Self-Reflection. CSEDU 2010 – Valencia, Spain. (FIT, Maren Scheffel)

March 2010

Presentation – 2010-03-31: “Learning in the open School 2.0, les technologies au service de l’éducation”, 31 March 2010, Brussels. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

Presentation – 2010-03-29: “From Scarcity to Abundance (and from Mass Production to Hyper-personalization) the Snowflake Effect”, Knowledge integration in an organizational network, Venlo, NL, 29 March 2010. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

February 2010

Presentation – 2010-02-25: “De ‘google maatschappij’: het Snowflake Effect”, Emeritiforum, K.U.Leuven, B, 25 Februari 2010. (KUL: Duval, Erik)

Presentation – 2010-02-03: Mash-Up Learning Environments – Learntec 2010, Karlsruhe. (IMC, Volker Zimmermann)

January 2010

Presentation – 2010-01-27: Weiterbildung der Zukunft – Wirtschaftskammer Graz, 27. – Next Generation Learning Environment ROLE. Graz. (IMC, Volker Zimmermann)

December 2009

Presentation – 2009-12-08:  Learning from music: abundance as a platform for innovation. Big Ideas Fest, Half Moon Bay, CA, USA, December 6-9, 2009 (KUL, Erik Duval)

Presentation – 2009-12-03: Online Educa – Presentation on ROLE and the innovative nature of the project. (BILD, Karen Velasco and ZSI, Sylvana Kroop)

Presentation – 2009-12-05: Active Learning with the Web. Barcamp Shanghai. Shanghai China. (Shanghai University, Carsten Ullrich)

November 2009

Presentation – 2009-11-18: Personal Learning Environment meets Learning Management System. Presentation during the Professional Training Facts in Stuttgart. (FESTO, Manuel Schmidt)

Presentation – 2009-11-18: Professional Training Facts – Next Generation Learning Environments. (IMC, Volker Zimmermann)

Presentation – 2009-11-18: Structuring Skills and Competences in the Context of Knowledge Domains, Learning Tools, and Self-Regulated Learning Environments at Professional Training Facts 2009, 17-18 November 2009, Track 4: Competence Development with Responsive Open Learning Environments, Fraunhofer IZS, Stuttgart, Germany (TUG, Karin Fruhmann, Alexander Nussbaumer, Dietrich Albert)

October 2009

Presenation – 2009-10-02: ROLE Responsive Open Learning Environments. DFKI GmbH. Saarbrücken Germany. (Shanghai University, Carsten Ullrich)

September 2009

Presentation – 2009-09-30: World of Learning – The NEC – Birmingham Presentation about the ROLE project and introduction to the Christmas Project. (BILD, Karen Velasco)

May 2009

Presentation – 2009-05-13: BILD connect meeting – Aviation Training International – Middle Wallop Short presentation and discussion with BILD members about the ROLE project. (BILD, Karen Velasco)

March 2009

Presentation – 2009-03-28: Video killed the radio star, but will Web 3.0 kill the teacher? Spark 09 Shanghai China. (Shanghai University, Carsten Ullrich).

Presentation – 2009-03-18: BILD Connect Event – Scotland. Short presentation and discussion with BILD members about the ROLE project. (BILD, Karen Velasco)

Presentation – 2009-03-12:  Presentation on ROLE to invited international guests at Graz University of Technology (TUG, Alexander Nussbaumer, Karin Fruhmann, Dietrich Albert)

Presentation – 2009-03-09:  Presentation of ROLE at Graz University of Technology (TUG, Alexander Nussbaumer, Karin Fruhmann, Dietrich Albert)

Presentation – 2009-03-05: Presentation on ROLE at representatives of several EU funded projects at ZSI Vienna (ZSI, Sylvana Kroop)


ROLE presentation at the 2012 JISC CETIS Conference
Summer School Thai Teachers

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