Responsive Open Learning Environments (ROLE) is a European collaborative project with 16 internationally renowned research groups from 6 EU countries and China. ROLE technology is centred around the concept of Self-regulated learning that creates responsible and thinking learners that are able to plan their learning process, search for the resources independently, learn and then reflect on their learning process and progress.  Given this task, ROLE´s main objective is to support teachers in developing the open personal learning environments for their students where they can train each of the phases mentioned.
ROLE is currently closing its fourth project year, where our main endeavour is to test and showcase the already operating learning environment and widgets. You are invited to follow us on facebook, twitter, linkedin or youtube.
Examples of our work are showcased on following places:

Interested to learn more about why is self-regulated learning (SRL) interesting for you? Try our

Are you a teacher? You can learn about the experiences and lessons learnt from our Testbeds in the Testbed section of this website.
You can also create your own ROLE widget! Come in and find all you need – download the Software Developer Kit, find examples, templates and more!
By creating your own personal space in the ROLE sandbox (by entering the name of your space and easily logging-in with your e.g. Gmal account)is a reference implementation of the ROLE SDK and gives you a full access to the ROLE widget store.

Are you a researcher? To see the latest results in the PLE field, see our Scientific Publications and follow us on our Web 2.0 channels such as linkedin and slideshare.

Are you a developer? Join ROLE Widget Competition. See our Software Development information and join us at Sourceforge or ROLE Google group for development discussions.


Would you like to Join ROLE?
The ROLE Alliance Programme offers additional synergy opportunities for all those, who would like to test, enhance or further exploit our open source results. We would like to encourage PLE motivated people to subscribe either for individual or for organisational membership here (it is free).


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