THE ROLE Dissemination Trophy Captain has been handed over!

During our last week´s Final ROLE Review Meeting in Luxembourg, we have been finally able to find and honour the best performing ROLE dissemination teams.

Curious to learn more? The final presentation is available here.

AND the Winners ARE:

Place 3: Fraunhofer-Institute for Applied Information Technology – FIT,  Germany


The ROLE@FIT Team has performed outstanding dissemination efforts within the 4 years reaching 38.161 dissemination points with 126 performed activities in total.


Place 2: Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne -
EPFL, Switzerland


The Graaspers also did a steadily good job with 47.517 collected points and 96 activities in total.


Winner: Open University UK – UKOU, United Kingdom


The Dons proved to be an undisputable leader of the ROLE dissemination trophy competition with 64.636 dissemination points and 191 dissemination activities in total. As a teaser of their tremendous promotion efforts in the last year, please have a look at the small PR brochure produced by them – a proof that they definitely know how to promote themselves and ROLE as well!

As a reward, the winning teams received thematic pirate ship and pirate items from a popular producer of educative children toys!

Congratulations to our Captain Team Winners!


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