Self Regulated Learning Teaser Videos in English, German and Chinese released

Teaser videos easily explaining the Self-Regulated Learning (SRL) concept have just been finished and uploaded to ROLE YouTube.

The SRL approach is being illustrated on a familiar example. Join Flora and Tim on their sightseeing tour in Rome and very easily learn about the SRL approach that allows you to learn how to learn. The ROLE Consortium is very proud of this felicitous video, thanks to all contributors! 

Videos have been designed and produced by Manuel Schmidt and Michael Werkle (Festo), Fabienne Schanda (IMC), Marcel Berthold and Alexander Nussbaumer (TUG). Alexander Mikroyannidis and Teresa Connolly (UKOU) took care for the English voice and Carsten Ullrich and Xiaohong Tan (SJTU) took care for the Chinese voice.

We hope you like it!

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