ROLE Testbeds

ROLE technology is currently being tested and evaluated in 5 formal ROLE Testbeds and numerous additional Testbeds. The results from these testing environments are outlined below. Under each of the testbed descriptions, there is a tab “Lessons Learnt”. Please click on it and experience how different educational and business settings apply ROLE technology and whether they benefit from it.

The lessons learnt and experiences from the testbeds are also fully described in the ROLE deliverable D5.5 Best Pratice Roadmap for ROLE Implementation.

The ROLE testbeds feature scenarios from transitions across various learning contexts, e.g. the transition from studying a course or subject matter to being paid by an employer to use that new knowledge; the transition from one position to another in a large enterprise; and the transition between two jobs relying on parallel continuing education studies. The testbeds cover various and rich contexts in which significant impacts of personal learning and responsive open learning environments can be expected. They target a large sample of individuals with significant potential for extending to other learners and learning communities.

The following six test-beds have been setup:


1. RWTH Aachen

- University to Company -

The RWTH Aachen testbed targets academic service providers and consumers with a main focus on supporting the transition from universities to companies (U2C). This testbed is provided by the Center for Learning and Knowledge Management and Department of Information Management in Mechanical Engineering (ZLW/IMA) at RWTH Aachen University. The ZLW/IMA is responsible for the lecture “Informatics in Mechanical Engineering” with more than 1000 students each semester. The usage of e-learning tools supports the teaching especially of large groups. One of these e-learning tools is the Web 2.0 Knowledge Map (WKM), which is the focal point for the RWTH Aachen test-bed. The RWTH testbed provides information about the relevance of informatics in the field of mechanical engineering. The WKM enables companies to get in direct contact to students by adding content to the knowledge map. More information is available at http://www.role-showcase.eu/widget-bundle/knowledge-map-and-chat-tool.

RWTH Aachen Testbed – Lessons Learned


2. FESTO testbed

- Internal Job Opportunity in a Company -

The Festo Lernzentrum targets inner and outer commercial providers and consumers with a main focus on providing internal job opportunity in a company (Job to jobs: J2J). The Festo testbed addresses the issue of providing a responsive learning environment within further education activities of a training centre in a company. This testbed provides a platform for federating and mashing-up different ROLE learning services within the Festo Virtual Academy, which is the central learning management system of Festo.

FESTO Testbed - Lessons Learned


3. SJTU testbed

- Continuing Education for Transition Between Two Jobs - 

The SJTU (Shanghai Jiao Tong University) testbed targets student who failed the university entrance exams and aim at getting a higher education degree, while being employed full-time, with a special focus on continuing education for transition between two jobs in different companies (Company to company: C2C). The SJTU testbed takes place at the School of Continuing Education (SOCE) of SJTU. SOCE primarily offers blended learning: its students, mostly adult learners who have a job, attend the classes in the evening or on the weekend, either in person in the classroom, or by watching live over the Web. Improving their competencies via degree education or certificate training enables personnel to increase their chances in the highly competitive Chinese job market – a market that is also characterised by frequent job-hopping. For more information on this testbed please see http://www.role-showcase.eu/widget-bundle/creating-audio-self-presentation-french and the web pages of the SJTU e-learning lab.

SJTU Testbed - Lessons Learned


4. BILD testbed

- Transition from Individual to Shared Competences - 

The BILD (British Institute for Learning & Development) testbed targets professional organisations with a special focus on continuing education relying on communities where transition from individual to shared competences can occur (One to many: O2M). The BILD is a membership organisation representing the interests of over 2000 learning and development professionals. Each member represents a different organisation utilising potentially different learning systems and servicing varying types of learners working in different contexts. The members selected to participate in the test bed activity represent scenarios where there are individual learners and where there is a potential to make a transition from working in isolation to sharing competencies with others and entering into a collaborative situation.

BILD Testbed - Lessons Learned


5. OU test-bed

- Transition from Formal to Informal Learning -

The OpenLearn test-bed targets worldwide public providers (such as the Open University UK) with a special focus on the transition between formal and informal learning and conversely (F2I). OpenLearn is a repository of Open Educational Resources (OER), currently containing more than 6000 hours of free learning material. The test-bed concerns the transition from formal learning, where courses are exclusively prepared and delivered by academic institutions, towards informal learning, where the learner is in control of the whole learning process. This transition is being implemented in this test-bed as a transition from the traditional Learning Management System (LMS) towards the Personal Learning Environment(PLE). This transition bears significant benefits for learners, as it puts emphasis to their needs and preferences, providing them with a wider choice of learning resources to choose from, both from internal as well as external sources. More information is available at http://projects.kmi.open.ac.uk/role/the-openlearn-test-bed/. The learning tools used in this test-bed are available at http://www.role-showcase.eu/widget-bundle/moodle-recommenders-educational-resources & http://www.role-showcase.eu/widget-bundle/find-and-work-collaboratively-open-educational-resources.

OU Testbed - Lessons Learned

6. New ROLE test-beds

New ROLE test-beds have been setup and evaluated during the period January 2012 – December 2012. These test-beds have allowed us to investigate and evaluate additional ROLE tools within learning settings that differ from those of the original test-beds.

The new test-beds consist of:

  • Swiss universities and Tongji University (Thailand)
  • Graz University of Technology (Austria)
  • Galileo University (Guatemala)
  • University of Leicester (UK)
  • University of Vienna (Austria)

New ROLE Testbeds – Lessons Learned