The ROLE project aims to develop a framework for truly learner-centered personal learning environments (PLEs). PLEs that consist of a mix of preferred learning tools, learning services, learning resources and other related technologies in order to empower the user for true lifelong learning across institutional boundaries. During the project time ROLE delivers and tests prototypes of highly responsive Personal Learning Environments, ensuring effectiveness, flexibility, user-control, and mass-individualization. Learn more about the ROLE project by watching our videos, presentations and photos or following us on Twitter (see Web 2.0 Access)

Are you a Learner, Instructor, Software Developer of learning applications or an Educational Researcher? ROLE has a lot to offer you (read more…)

If you are interested in connecting to the ROLE project, you can use the following opportunities:

Info-Registration. Get the information faster! Receive early access to project reports, technical specifications and scientific whitepapers on this website four weeks before they become available to the general public. Receive latest news on the project and its outcomes like new software available at the Showcase Platform. To gain early access, please fill in the registration form. (You do not have to tick the “Alliance Program” box and answer the questions for Alliance Partner below it, if you do not want to become Alliance Partner).

ROLE Community on LinkedIn. The ROLE Community on LinkedIn aims to facilitate the communication and collaboration among the diverse communities, such as users (learners and instructors), researchers and software developers. Get in contact with the ROLE partners, discuss current topics and learn about new developments and upcoming events. Visit the LinkedIn Group ROLE and become a member of our community!

Alliance Program. The ROLE Alliance Program forms a partner network of strategic users, vendors and other stakeholders in order to extend the use, deployment and further development of the project’s results. The program aims to create synergies between the ROLE Project and you as an external stakeholder. If you want to contribute your ideas and solutions on how personal learning environments can be used to improve efficiency and effectiveness of life-long learning approaches, please cooperate with us by joining the ROLE Alliance Program.

As a member of Alliance Program, you have benefits like early access to the project documentation and scenario descriptions, as well as support in using and further developing the ROLE software. You will gain extended rights in using the ROLE Showcase Platform, like author rights in contributing content and extended features in some of the software demonstrators. You will also have a possibility to visit specific ROLE workshops for free and to get in contact with members of the ROLE Consortium. An annual Alliance Partner Meeting will be organized in combination with workshops, conferences or other events with the topic of PLE.

Please use the registration form to become a member of the ROLE Alliance Program!

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