Bellmont Triple Crown Bet365

In the race for Bellmont High Horse Club’s Triple Crown, Bellmont is betting favorites to win against defending champion Nance, second place finisher Jody Lee and third place finisher Kimbo Slice. Although there are many horse racing handicappers who have Bellmont as a clear favorite, we see it has a lot to do with how they pick the winners. Let’s take a look at how the betting odds for the race come into play.

Bellmont is known for using three horses to win. It’s not uncommon for one of those horses to win. Usually, though, it’s Kimbo Slice or Jody Lee, who lead off the pace, gallop and then give the other two runners an opportunity to race. Since Kimbo and Jody are such obvious speed threats, handicappers tend to place their bets on the fastest of the three. Bellmont, though, uses three horses, which causes its speed competition to be a little less obvious. And that means the chalk odds for this race come down a little lower.

We’ll start with the payouts. Most handicappers feel that Bellmont is a legitimate contender, though it’s possible they could still lose this race. Bellmont has shown enough speed in its past races to make it a threat, but past performances and injury concerns haven’t helped. This will be Bellmont’s first win since claiming the Belmont Stakes last February. There’s no better time to bet on Bellmont than now, when the trainer has finally settled on a program and horses, though unknowns abound.

On the other hand, betting on Bellmont, even if it’s a legitimate contender, doesn’t mean much. This is a race where Bellmont really wants to win and where the field contains enough horses to give it an excellent chance of winning. In fact, the only reason why this is even a race for Bellmont is because the field contains three horses that have shown outside in the past, so Bellmont has at least one good horse that has been outside in the past. With such an unknown commodity in the race, there is some risk involved.

The problem is that Bellmont also has a bad horse that looks like it may be the race’s payoff. Backup plans are called for when horses don’t meet expectations, especially in the stretch run. So we’ll see how this plays out. My favorite scenario for this race is still a combination of strong early speed, solid post position, and a clear lead. If I get in on the late speed play and/or a clear lead from early speed, I should be able to take the lead and maintain it without any outside activity to push me over the top.

This is just a quick preview of what’s in store for this year’s Triple Crown Bet365. As usual, tips for the race can be found on the site. One thing that did intrigue me was the line used for this triple crown bet. I’ve never seen anything else that has the minimum bet at $10. That’s a pretty low price to pay, but it does make this a very interesting race to bet on.