Bet Stanley Cup Winner

Every year from early December until mid-April the Stanley Cup is given to the teams that are standing in the running to be the Stanley Cup Winner. This is not an easy task considering there are so many teams and even more individual players to choose from. For every team that makes it all the way there is also a probable upset. This year it is the Boston Bruins, who stand in the driver’s seat. The Boston Bruins have a strong team, an experienced coach, and a captain that lead by example.

After missing the playoffs the last three years the New York Rangers has finally been able to put it all together. They have a legitimate stud defense which allows them to play tight hockey in the regular season. The power play has been phenomenal as well. They rank third overall in the NHL and have one of the best shots in the league. The Rangers are definitely a team to watch this year as they look to repeat.

The Tampa Bay Lightning is another team to keep an eye out for. The Lightning are a young team that seems to always surprise everyone with their smoothness and skill. The Lightning are definitely worth watching because of what they have done so far. Even though the Lightning are young, this does not mean that they will not contend for a championship. The Lightning captain, Tampa Bay’s Stamper, is considered by many to be the player of the year.

The Columbus Blue Jackets are a team that needs a lot of people’s attention this season. They are a team full of exciting players that like to play physical hockey. The Jackets have one of the best defensive teams in the league and they play the tough game. The Jackets seem to be able to win the battles along the boards and they have a very good power play.

The third team in line for the Stanley Cup is the Colorado Avalanche. This team is loaded with players that know how to play tough. The Avs are known to put on a great show every time that they play. The Avs have a lot of big name players that play big minutes and they always seem to come out on top when the playoffs start.

In order to get the predictions of who will be the cup champion, you need to know who each team is playing. This is only half the battle. You also need to find out what each team’s chances are of winning the cup. It is important to know this because there are a lot of rumors going around about who will win the cup this year. Only the experts can tell who will be the winner of the cup this season.