Canadian Sports Betting Sites That Take Visa

If you’re a first time visitor to Canada and are interested in accessing the many different betting sites available on the internet, then it is worth your while to consider one of the Canadian sports betting sites that take Visa and MasterCard. These sites are becoming increasingly popular with American and European visitors as they offer a similar, though sometimes more limited, experience than their US counterparts. Here are some of the reasons why.

First, they don’t require you to open a bank account in order to be able to access the betting markets at these sites. As long as you have a credit card, you’re good to go. The reason for this is that Canadian banks generally do not accept credit cards from foreigners (which means that most of the sites you’ll find on the internet will require you to open a bank account). If you’ve never had a credit card before, this can be a very daunting thing and can leave you feeling a little uncertain about the whole process.

Second, they don’t have any processing fees attached. If you can get a credit card, then by all means, do so. But if you can’t, Canadian sites that take credit cards are an excellent way to bypass that step altogether. In fact, many of them have no set minimum amount of credit card balances you need to maintain, so you won’t end up paying unnecessary fees or dealing with a lack of control over your own funds.

Third, they generally offer better bonuses and incentives. Simply put, the sites that accept credit cards will generally give you a higher percentage of your winnings when you wager larger amounts on the sites. That’s why it’s important to wager smaller amounts on a credit card site and use those winnings to start up a new account. The bonuses offered on these sites are also worth taking a look at. Sometimes you can find a free gift certificate with a huge percentage off of the initial deposit.

Fourth, they are much easier to work with. Rather than being required to jump through hoops or deal with difficult financial institutions, you can open a Canada-based sportsbook account without any hassles whatsoever. That means that you can keep the online sportsbook account 100% within the confines of your own home. As far as payment goes, there’s not even a need for you to hold an actual credit card in order to place an online bet.

So there are some strong reasons why Canadian credit card sports betting sites should be considered. They’re fast, easy, and convenient. They allow you to take advantage of a large number of payment options and they generally offer better bonuses and incentives than their US-based competition. You’ll also get more for your money, so it makes sense that you should take a closer look at what’s available out there.