Mike Tyson Vs Roy Jones Jr Bet

Mike Tyson vs Roy Jones Jr. are a fascinating match up to say the least. While the two have fought before it is Jones’ first fight with a heavyweight, and he obviously has the size advantage over the former champion. In their first fight they impressed many boxing enthusiasts by dominating on the outside at least, but in their fight they were not able to put on any sort of show. It was clear from the start that Jones was going to hurt his opponent, but in the end it was not enough to win the fight. But who was it against in this fight?

Well, I think it was obvious that Jones was going to get the most out of this fight, and it was going to be a high impact match. After the first round Jones threw a huge right hand that nearly took Mike Tyson’s head off, and then in the second he caught a left hook that nearly floored him. These were not big hooks which I expected from Jones, however these are the kinds of shots you don’t expect from a guy who is only 3′ 10″. This fight was a great example of how one punch can be more powerful than another.

Roy Jones Jr. looked great in his fight against Junior dos Santos. Dos Santos tried several times to tie the match up with Jones, but Jones held him down like a dog and kept him from winning the fight. When the fight went to the judges and the fight was determined by a draw, it seemed as though Jones was already anticipating the victory. He was just waiting for dos Santos to give him the knockout. Dos Santos did not disappoint, even though he did not exactly dominate in the fight.

Jones is still a highly talented fighter, but he does not appear to be able to beat opponents much larger than him when they fight. He will need to improve his footwork and work on his submission hold if he wants any chance at winning. It was a great fight between two of the brightest lightweights in the UFC. The fans got to see two of the best pound-for-pound fighters in the world battling it out to determine who is the better fighter.

If you have never watched the fight, then you should watch it. It truly is one of the best fight cards ever put on. It is also a very entertaining fight to follow. You get to see both men trying to dominate each other.

I give it a thumbs up for picking Jones to win the fight. I think he will prevail. I also feel that it would have been much better had dos Santos not tried so hard to submit to him in the first place. It would have been much better had Jones won the first round, but he lost the second.