Safest Bet in Football

This is the easiest pick of all the NFL picks this year and that is why I am writing about it. The easy picks are always the safest picks. So, here are the easiest NFL picks of the week and a look at the point spreads. It is amazing how much difference there is in the point spreads and it can be a big factor in your success.

Easy Pick – Dallas Cowboys at New York Giants. The Giants are obviously the underdogs but I like the Cowboys to pull out a victory. The Cowboys have been playing pretty good football lately and the Giants have not been playing their best football so I like the slight edge in this one.

Easy Pick – Minnesota Vikings at Tennessee Titans. This is a great game for the Vikings because they will have to play the champs on the other side of the field and that makes them a big threat in the running game. I like the spot between the two teams this week and the over the top fade by the Titans this week 6th.

Easy Pick – Green Bay Packers over Houston Texans. This one may not seem like a football game until you realize that the last year’s Packers team just couldn’t win. They even lost to the hated Raiders in the last year and there were no wins against quality competition this season. Now the hope is that the new line will give them what they did not have last year and that should give the Packers the home field advantage.

Easy Pick – Miami Dolphins over New York Jets. The Dolphins are not the favorite in any league and the Jets are not the best team. That being said, the Dolphins are my favorite team to bet against and I would take them over the Jets. The Dolphins are improving each day and this could be the year they overcome their lack of big game star players. With a strong defense and an improved special teams, the Dolphins should cruise to their first home playoff game since 2020.

Easy Pick – Los Angeles Chargers over the San Diego Chargers. There is so much talent on the Los Angeles Chargers that many people forget about Vincent Jackson and his absence. The Chargers will have to rely on their running game and their defense to win this one. The team will also need to avoid throwing the ball in the air and they have been too good at that lately. If the Chargers can stay on top of the game, they have a very good chance at winning this football right for them.